About Us

Established in 1895 as Kahlenberg Brothers Company, Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. has been continuously family owned and managed since its founding over a century ago.

The original three Kahlenberg brothers, Otto, William, and John, began by constructing small steam engines for marine and stationary work. From this early beginning the company expanded, eventually manufacturing and selling gasoline and diesel marine engines across the globe. During World War II, Kahlenberg was the recipient of the Army-Navy "E" (Excellence) Award as the company worked around the clock for the war effort. Engine manufacturing was discontinued in 1960.

From the beginning marine propellers were supplied with Kahlenberg engines. Specializing in design and manufacture of stainless steel work boat propellers, Kahlenberg Propellers have developed a strong reputation for extreme durability on inland river workboat installations.

In 1930, in an effort to expand the product line during the Great Depression, William Kahlenberg’s son Roger developed the first Kahlenberg Air Horn. The Kahlenberg Signaling division now manufactures a complete line of horns and sound signaling equipment that covers nearly any Marine, Industrial, Mass Notification or Wide Area Warning application worldwide.

In terms of production, most of the company’s knowledge and capability is in the areas of machining, assembly, and metal fabrication. For this reason, the Kahlenberg Manufacturing division manages specific capacity and machines dedicated to the manufacture of machined components for original equipment manufacturers throughout the United States.

Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. is ISO 9001-2008 Certified for the design and manufacture of sound signaling equipment, propellers, marine equipment, and manufacture of other custom metal products. Marine signals as well as propulsion components are certified by ABS, and/or British MCA, Canadian DOT, and numerous other national authorities and classification societies.

Most importantly, Kahlenberg Industries employs a skilled, dedicated workforce, with the average employee being with the company for over 13 years. The production facility currently occupies over 45,000 square feet.

All Kahlenberg products are proudly manufactured in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, U.S.A