Marine Propulsion

Kahlenberg has been designing and manufacturing marine propellers continuously for over 100 years. However, the design and manufacturing process of today’s marine propeller has changed considerably.

With modern design and manufacturing techniques, a standard “one size fits all” propeller design of constant pitch, fixed blade area ratio, and blade section profile, is less often used to achieve best performance. Instead, custom designs using the most appropriate geometry are designed specifically for a given vessel and its operating conditions. These custom designs reduce operating costs by being more efficient, and are they are far more predictable with regard to performance than they have been in the past.

This is what Kahlenberg manufactures today: Custom workboat propellers over 36” diameter, designed and manufactured using the latest technical advancements, built for superior durability in commercial service.

Domestic Stainless Steel, Exceeding ABS Standards

Accurate Analysis, Accurate Repair

Kahlenberg has a long history of machining marine propeller shafts.